Week 1: Film festival, objects about technology and digital cultures #edcmooc

At this week we saw some short films on Youtube, very interesting, about technology, utopias and dystopias:

Bendito Machine III

Technology, an answer to the search for answers. A character who relies on a higher being offered after certain tools that are alienating, pass over people, send messages, impose ways of living, representations of the human been and the world. Are worshiped, apparently have their own life. Until fail and / or are replaced, thrown in a pile of debris and the cycle happens again. Life seems to be focused on these…Dystopia: The technology alienates the man confides his worries to them, then it seems to take over. Technological autonomy appears here.


This story shows several ideas related to technology and communication it allows. If you’re shy, you can express yourself well with technology. You build relationships that otherwise, in attendance, could not be. Let see also internalized digital media and its forms: in box, in a box, we no longer refers to a box but the mailbox. It becomes clear that analogy. Postit allude to short messages, playfulness is present, also return objects or share, from intimacy. The crush of media. Utopia: facilitates communication, eliminates barriers that would in face.
Dare we build meaningful relationships mediated and unmediated by technology?
Technological animism … carry the bag with them and are communicating through it.


A mediated world increasingly controlled by digital media. The two characters meet through their phones, come to meet face to face. The entertainment is also mediated by technology, by means of a sophistication of contemplating nature. There is almost no interaction between them, or written language is mostly mediated by an interface. The automation leaves little space for failure, when one of these appears, something is wrong with the individual or with nature. And yes, they are individuals, gears of a great system. Natural death caught by surprise one of the characters, not the explanation. The animal flies again. The agency’s have systems and those who control them. Even nature, animals that survive outside the system. Dystopia: alienated man. Technological autonomy refers to the DT.

New Media

Mankind no longer inhabits the cities, the buildings, but lives in some devices to connect … to live, apparently, in another reality. What reflects the boy’s face? The alienation I think the common element with Bendito Machine III. The difference, the sophistication of society is represented another step … a living being absorbed in the ether … that looks more like I used to see humans. Without emotion? Dystopia again…

Lets continue enjoying this films, cultural objects that reflects dreams, realities, reflections…
PD. Thanks to @JanDeLaRosa for the session at http://www.synchtube.com


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